Coin and history related web-sites

The following is by no means a complete list, but show some of the more interesting and useful.

Greek Coins/History
Coins of the Seleucids
Coins of Miletos
The Gorgon coins of Parion
House of Ptolemy (Egypt)
Coins of Pontius Pilate
Menorah Project -Coins of Judea
Calgary Coins Judea guide

Roman Coins/History
Illustrated History of the Roman Empire
De Imperatoribus Romanis: An Online Encyclopedia of Roman Emperors
Roman coins information and hi-res pictures
Weights, fineness, etc. in Roman period/ Tulane University/Kenneth W. Harl
Joviel's uncleaned coins and the very funny "Imperial Tattler"
Tom Ross's coins of Aurelian
Severus Alexander History and coinage
Coins of Gordian III
Coins of Philip I
Coins of Gallienus
Coins of Probus
Coins of Julian II
Coins of the late Roman mint of Tripolis
Warren Esty's guide to late Roman AEs
Roman Legions
More Roman Legions
Yet more Roman Legions
Charles Hill's year by year history of the ancient world

Islamic Coins/History
Mehmet Eti - Turkish (Anatolian) coins
Translations of the Qur'an
Fawzan Barrage's Islamic collection

Indian Coins/History
Biju Philipose collection of Indian Coins
Prabhu's site on Indian coins
Kushan history+coins

Chinese Coins/History
Site about Chinese and Japanese coins by Johm Ferguson
Chinese coins
Lists of Chinese Rulers
Chinese History from 'Warrior Tours'
Calgary Coins China guide

Medieval European Coins/History
Catholic Encyclopedia: Medieval history
Tom Oberhofer: Coins of France, England and Venice
Fawzan Barrage's Medieval collection
Timothy Cook collection of English hammered coins

Parthian/Sassanian/Central Asian Coins/History
Coins and History of Parthia
Sassanian history and coins
Pre-Islamic coins/history of Central Asia

Coins/History General
Fordham University -full texts of historic sources
Regnal Dynasties - who reigned where
History of Empires
Northpark University Historical Chronology of the World
The Xenophile Historian - various histories by Charles Kimball
Extensive page of links from John C. Lavender
Fresian School essays and Index to Rulers (A vast amount of material, covering history from pre-historic times to the present day, including tables of rulers)

The British Government's Annual Treasure Reports
Treasure Annual Report 97/98
Treasure Annual Report 98/99
Treasure Annual Report 2000
Treasure Annual Report 2001

Coin attribution
Wildwinds: Search engine for ancient coins, based on auction listings
Coin Archives: Search engine for coins, ancient and modern, based on auction catalogues
Cohen Roman coin catalogue online

All these forums are e-mail based, except the Ancient Coin Forum which is web-based. All are well worth joining
Medieval Coin Forum
Islamic Coins Forum
Ancient Coin Forum
South Asia Coins Group Forum
Moneta - mainly Greek, Roman and Byzantine coins