Islamic Rulers
Iran under Seljuks

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All dates are A.D.

Great Seljuq see right 1038 - 1157 Turks from Central Asia who moved into Iran and Iraq
Seljuks of Kirman south/central Iran 1048 - 1183
Seljuq Governors of Hamadan western Iran 1074 - 1119
Amirs of Nishapur north east corner of Iran 1161 - 1185 vassals of Seljuks, later Khwarizmshahs
Khwarizmshahs (Anushteginid) Khorezm, Uzbekistan 1127 - 1231 Turkish dynasty, originally Seljuk governors in Khwarizm
Ala al-Din Muhammed 1200 - 1220
Malik (as governor) 1221 (this issue)
Amir of Balkh northern Afghanistan 1220 - 1221
Amir of Wakhsh part of Tajikstan 1200 - 1221
Ghorid (Shansabanid) see right 1149 - 1215 (vassals from 1011) from around Ghur in central Afghanistan, took over from the Ghaznavids, and led to the establishment of the Sultanate of Delhi (1193)
Ghiyath al-Din Muhammad bin Sam 1163 - 1203
Ghorid of Bamiyan Afghanistan, Hindu Kush 1145 - 1215 (site of the destruction of Buddhas by the Taliban)
Sultans of Sind Pakistan, mouth of the Indus 1203 - 1223
Qarlughid Ghazna and Sind, Afghanistan and Pakistan 1224 - 1228

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