Islamic Rulers
The Mongols and after

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All dates are A.D.

In 1206 the mounted warriors of Chingiz Khan (Genghis Khan) set out from what is now Outer Mongolia, to conquer as much as the world as they could - to the Mediterranean, to the gates of Vienna, to Russia and China.
Great Mongols (Chingizid) Central Asia 1206 - 1270s Genghis Khan 1206-1227
Chaghatayid Khans Central Asia 1227 - 1367 from Chaghatay, son of Genghis Khan
Shahs of Badakhshan Greek Bactria, northern Afghanistan 1291 - 1374 vassals? of the Chaghatayids
White Horde Siberia and eastern Qipchaq (south-east Kazakstan) 1226 - 1377
Blue Horde southern Russia and western Qipchaq (south-east Kazakstan) 1227 - 1359
Golden Horde (Jujid) southern Russia 1377 - 1499 White Horde and Blue Horde united
Muhammad Uzbek
Khans of Kazan c. 700km west of Moscow 1437 - 1552 result of the break-up of the Golden Horde
Khans of Astrakhan north coast of Caspian Sea 1466 - 1554 result of the break-up of the Golden Horde
Giray Khans of the Crimea (Krim), northern shores of the Black Sea 1420 - 1475 later vassals of the Ottoman Empire, result of the break-up of the Golden Horde
Sufid at Khwarizm Uzbekistan 1361 - 1379 briefly took power from the Golden Horde
Ilkhans (Mongols of Persia) see right 1256 - 1357 empire created in Iran and Iraq by Hulagu, grandson of Genghis Khan.
Sulayman 1339-1346
east of Caspian Sea
IRAN after the MONGOLS
Injuyid southern Iran 1339 - 1356 originally governors to Ilkhans, overseeing their lands in Fars="Inju" in Mongolian. originally governors to Ilkhans at Yazd, independent under Muhammad b. al-Muzaffar.
Abu Ishaq 1342 - 1356
Muzaffarid southern Iran 1335 - 1393 originally Ilkhan governors at Yazd
Shah Shuja 1358 - 1386
Atabegs of Lur Buzurg (Hazaraspid) Luristan, south west Iran 1350 - 1356
Jalayrid Mongol dynasty in Iran, Iraq and eastern Anatolia 1335 - 1432 Ahmad 1382 - 1409
Sutayid al Jazira, capital Mosul, Iraq 1342 - 1347
Eretnid central Anatolia 1335 - 1366
Qadi of Sivas central Anatolia 1380 - 1399 successors to the Eretnids
Amirs of Ahlat Ahlat (Khilat), Bitlis, eastern Turkey 1350s
Maliks of Hakkari Kurdish rulers in south-east corner of Turkey 1350s
Bukhti Kurds Jazira (Cizre) and Siirt, south-east Turkey 1400s - late 1460s
Sharaf Khans Kurdish rulers at Bidlis (Bitlis), eastern Turkey 1st half of 15th century - 1494
Sardadar Shiite sect in north eastern Iran1347 - 1384 Sardadar="Gallowsbirds")
Amir of Astarbad (Walid) Gorgan, Iran, Mazandaran Province east of Caspian Sea 1356 - 1386
Afrasiyabid Mazandaran, Iran, east of Caspian Sea 1357 - 1370s Iranian followers of the "hidden" Iman, al-Mahdi
Jauni-Qurbani Tus region, Khorasan north-eastern Iran 1371 - 1381 Mongol
Husaynid Shiite dynasty in Gilan province, northern Iran 1396 - 1426
Tajasbid Daylamite dynasty at Kuchisfan (Kuchesfahan), Gilan province, northern Iran 1405 - 1406
Taghaytimurid Astarabad, northern Iran 1405 - 1407
Kart Herat, Afghanistan 1332 - 1352
Mehrabanid Nimruz, southern Afghanistan 1261 - 1419 Sistani rulers, originally Mongol vassals
‘Izz al-Din Karman 1352-1382 AD

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