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Western Roman Empire

Ruler: Flavius Victor
Reigned: 387 - 388 AD
Denomination: AR Siliqua (light)
Mint: Milan
Date of Issue: 387 - 388 AD
Obverse: Pearl diadem, draped, curassed bust, right. "DN. FL. VICTOR PF AVG"
Reverse: Roma seated facing on throne, head left, holding globe and spear. "VIRTVS ROMANORVM".
Mint marks:
Reference: RSC 6Ac, RIC IX 19b, RCVM 20670
Weight: 1.1 gms
Nominal Weight: 2.25 gms
Diameter: 13.3 mm


  • Flavius Victor was the son of Magnus Maximus. Maximus ruled over Britain, Gaul, Spain and Africa from his court at Trier, but in 387, got greedy and invaded Italy.
  • At the same time, Maximus appointed his son, Flavius Victor, as co-emperor in the West.
  • Theodosius advanced on Italy, where he defeated Maximus at Poetovio and executed him near Aquileia, July 28th, 388. Victor was also killed.

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