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Western Roman Empire

Ruler: Valentinian II
Reigned: Western Emperor 375 - 392 AD
Denomination: Bronze Double Centenionalis or Maiorina
Mint: Antuich
Date of Issue: 383 - 386 AD
Obverse: Pearl-diademed, helmeted, draped, and cuirassed bust right, holding spear and shield; "D. N. VALENTINIANVS P.F. AVG."
Reverse: Emperor standing facing, head right, on galley sailing left, raising arm; Victory at helm; wreath in left field and cross in right; "GLORIA RO-MANORM".
Mint marks:
Reference: RIC IX 40b, RCVM 20265
Weight: 4.97 gms
Nominal Weight: 4.5 gms extremely variable
Diameter: 21.6 mm

VALENTINIAN II (Flavius Valentinianus)

  • Valentinian II was the younger son of Valentinian I by his second wife, Justina.
  • Following his father's death in 375, he was proclaimed co-emperor in the west with his half-brother, Gratian. As he was only four years of age, he was initially was under the protection of Gratian.
  • In 383 Magnus Maximus, Gratian's commander in Britain, rebelled. Deserted by his troops, Gratian was killed at Lugdunum (Lyon). Thus at the age of twelve, Valentinian became the sole legitimate emperor in the west. He moved his court to Milan, where his mother managed his affairs.
  • When Magnus Maximus invaded Italy in 387 Valentinian fled. Theododius, the eastern emperor came to his aid and defeated the usurper, re-establishing Valentinian in the West.
  • Valentinian was dominated by his general Arbogast, and was either killed by him or committed suicide (May, 392).

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