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Roman Empire

Ruler: Jovian
Reigned: Augustus 363 - 364 AD
Denomination: AE3 c.19mm
Mint: Siscia
Date of Issue: June 363 - Feb 364
Obverse: Pearl-diademed, draped and cuirassed bust right. "D.N. IOVIANVS P.F. AVG"
Reverse: "VOT/ V" in wreath.
Mint marks:
Reference: RCV 4086, RIC VIII 423
Weight: 3.1 gms
Diameter: 19.6 mm

JOVIAN (Flavius Jovianus)

  • Julian II, the last of the Constantinian dynasty, launched an invasion of Mesopotamia in March 363. There he was wounded in a skirmish and died shortly afterwards (26th June 363).
  • The Roman army assembled next morning to chose a successor. A group of soldiers started shouting the name of Jovian, the commander of the imperial guard, and suddenly Jovian found himself emperor.
  • Jovian began to lead the army into a retreat, and the Persian king, Shapur II, offered Jovian humiliating terms. Jovian accepted, effectively renouncing all claims in the east.
  • He led the army back to Antioch, where he issued an edict of religious toleration, ending Julian's persecution of the Christians.
  • He was on his way to Constantinople, when, on 16th February 364, he was found dead in his rent, suffocated by fumes from a brazier. Strangely enough, foul play was not suspected.

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