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Roman Empire

Ruler: Decentius Caesar
Reigned: 351 - 353 AD
Denomination: Billon Maiorina
Mint: Arelate
Date of Issue: 351 - 352 AD
Obverse: Bare-headed and cuirassed bust right. "D. N. DECENTIVS CAESAR." In left field "A"
Reverse: Two Victories supporting shield reading "VOT. V. MVLT. X." Around: "VICTORIAE DD. NN. AVG. ET CAES."
Mint marks:
I   S
Reference: RIC VIII 180, RCVM 18884
Weight: 4.3 gms
Nominal Weight: declining from 5.2 gms
Diameter: 19.3 mm

DECENTIUS (Magnus Decentius)

  • Decentius was the brother of Magnentius.
  • In late 350 or 351, after the fall of Nepotian, Decentius was given the rank of Caesar, with responsibility for the defence of Gaul and the security of the Rhine frontier.
  • In 353 Poemenius rebelled against him at Trier and closed the city gates against him.
  • Later that year Decentius heard the news of his brother's suicide, and took his own life (August 18th, 353).

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