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Roman Empire

Ruler: Hanniballianus Rex
Reigned: 335 - 337 AD
Denomination: Billon reduced Cententionalis
Mint: Constantinople
Obverse: Bare headed, draped and cuirassed bust right. "FL. HANNIBALLIANO REGI."
Reverse: The Euphrates reclining right, holding sceptre, urn at side, reed in background. "SECVRITAS PVBLICA"
Mint marks:
Reference: RIC VII 148
Weight: 1.2 gms
Nominal Weight: 1.7 gms
Diameter: 15.7 mm


  • Constantine I had three sons by Fausta, whom he promoted to the rank of Caesar, Constantine (II) in 317, Constantius (II) in 324 and Constans in 333.
  • In 335, he also promoted to Caesar, his nephews, sons of his half-brother Flavius Dalmatius, Delmatius and Hanniballianus.
  • Constantine planned one last campaign, the conquest of Persia. Part of this plan was for Hanniballianus to be installed as "King of Armenia and adjacent regions". The title "Rex" was one shunned by Romans since the start of the Republic.
  • On Constantine's death on 22nd May 337, the three brothers succeeded him, each with the title Augustus (9th September 337).
  • Delmatius and Hanniballianus were two emperors too many and shortly afterwards were murdered.

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