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Roman Empire

Ruler: Romulus son of Maxentius
Reigned: died 309 AD
Date of Issue: 309-10 AD
Denomination: Billon Follis
Mint: Ostia
Issued: 309-310 A.D.
Obverse: Bare head right. "DIVO ROMVLO N.V. BIS CONS."
Reverse: Domed shrine with right door ajar; eagle standing on dome. "AETERNAE MEMORIAE"
Mint marks:
Reference: RIC VI 34, RCVM 15050
Weight: 5.7 gms
Nominal Weight: 4.8 - 5.4 gms
Diameter: 24.6 mm


Valerius Romulus was the son of Maxentius and Valeria Maximilla, daughter of Galerius. His date of birth is uncertain though 306 A.D. seems likely as his parents' marriage probably too place in the preceding year. He also had a younger brother who was still alive in 312 though the name of this sibling is unknown. Despite being little more than an infant, Romulus bore the title of 'Nobilissimus Vir' (abbreviated to N V on his posthumous coinage) and in addition held two consulships with his father, in 308 and 309. However, like Nigrinian, son of Carinus, Romulus never bore the imperial rank of Caesar. To the emperor's great sorrow Romulus died during the course of his second consulship and was subsequently deified and coinage issued in his honour.

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