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Roman Empire

Ruler: Galeria Valeria 2nd wife of Galerius
Reigned: (reign of Galerius) 293 - 311 AD
Denomination: Billon Follis
Mint: Thessalonika
Date of Issue: 308-11 AD
Obverse: Diademed bust right, draped wearing embroidered robe and necklace. "GAL. VALERIA AVG."
Reverse: Venus standing facing, head left, holding an apple, raising drapery over left shoulder. "VENERI VICTRICA"[1]
Mint marks:
Reference: RIC VI 35, RCVM 14592
Weight: 6.3 gms
Nominal Weight: 4.8 - 5.4 gms
Diameter: 24 mm
Comment: [1] = "VENERIVS VICTRICA" = Venus victorious

GALERIA VALERIA - daughter of Diocletian and 2nd wife of Galerius

  • On 1 March 293, Diocletian adopted Galerius as son and Caesar, while Maximian did the same for his praetorian commander Julius Constantius. To cement the arrangement, Galerius married Diocletian's daughter Valeria in June 293.
  • Galeria Valeria was sympathetic towards Christians even though Diocletian and Galerius persecuted them.
  • Their marriage was not a happy one and they had no children.
  • When Galerius died in 311 A.D., Galeria Valeria and her mother went to live at the court of Maximinus Daia, who had become emperor of the East upon the death of Galerius.
  • Maximinus proposed marriage to Valeria, but she refused him. In revenge, Maximinus exiled her. Valeria and her mother, Priscia, disguised themselves and tried to flee to the safety of Diocletian's villa.
  • However, Diocletian died, leaving the fugitives nowhere to go.
  • In the Greek city of Salonika, they were recognized, seized and beheaded, their bodies being thrown into the sea.

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