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Roman Empire

Ruler: Theodora 2nd wife of Constantius I & step-daughter of Maximianus
Reigned: (reign of Constantius) 293 - 306 AD
Denomination: Billon reduced Centenionalis
Mint: Trier
Date of Issue: 337-340 AD Commemorative struck under Constantine II, Constantius II and Constans.
Obverse: Bust right with plain mantle and necklace with elaborately dressed hair. "FL. MAX. THEODORAE AVG."
Reverse: Pietas standing right holding child in arms. "PIETAS ROMANA"
Mint marks:
• TRP •
Reference: RIC VIII 48, 56 or 65, RCVM 17501
Weight: 1.4 gms
Nominal Weight: 1.6 gms
Diameter: 14.5 mm

THEODORA 2nd wife of Constantius I

  • On 1 March 293, Diocletian adopted Galerius as son and Caesar, while Maximian, Diocletian's co-ruler, did the same for his praetorian commander Constantius.
  • Part of this arrangement was that Constantius should divorce Helena and marry Theodora, daughter (or possibly step-daughter) of Maximian.
  • Theodora bore Constantius six children: Flavius Dalmatius, Julius Constantius, Hannibalianus, Constantina, Eutropia and Anastasia.
  • She was honoured posthumously on the coinage of Constantine I's sons, after 337.

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