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Roman Empire

Ruler: Carinus as Augustus
Reigned: Caesar 282-283 AD: Augustus 283-285 AD
Denomination: AE Antoninianus/Aurelianus
Mint: Antioch
Date of Issue: 284 AD
Obverse: Radiate and cuirassed bust right "IMP. C. M. AVR. CARINVS P. AVG."
Reverse: Carinus standing left receiving Victory on a globe from Jupiter (or Carus)."VIRTVS AVGG."
Mint marks:
Reference: RCVM 12362 var., RIC V.2 325 var.: Both references have only "P.F." and not "P" for the obverse inscription.
Weight: 3.8 gms
Diameter: 22 mm

CARINUS (Marcus Aurelius Carinus)

  • Carinus was born in 250 at a place unknown, the elder son of Carus.
  • He was made Caesar on his father's accession in late 282 and became Augustus in 283. He was to rule the west while his father, whith his younger brother, Numerian, ruled the east.
  • In 283, his father was killed, leaving Numerian ruler of the east.
  • During 284 Carinus campaigned in Britain, winning the title 'Britannicus Maximus'.
  • In September, 284, Numerian was killed and Diocletian proclaimed emperor in his place.
  • First Carinus had to deal with a usurper, 'Imperator Caesar Marcus Aurelius Sabinus Iulianus Pius Felix Augustus', who he defeated at Verona, early 285.
  • In late summer Diocletian and Carinus met in battle on the River Margus (Morava), near modern Belgrade. Carinus with the larger army was winning, but was killed by some of his officers who bore grudges against him for seducing their wives.
  • The succession of Diocletian, ushered in a new era.

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