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Roman Empire

Ruler: Gallic Empire: Victorinus
Reigned: Augustus 269 - 271 AD
Denomination: AE (Silvered) Antoninianus
Mint: Mainz or Trier
Date of Issue: 270-271 AD
Obverse: Radiate, draped bust right. "IMP. C. VICTORINVS P.F. AVG."
Reverse: Salus standing right feeding serpent held in her arms. "SALVS AVG."
Reference: RCVM 11179, RIC 67
Weight: 2.2 gms
Diameter: 20.3 mm

VICTORINUS (Marcus Piavonius Victorinus)

  • After the murder of Postumus late in 268, and the extremely short reign of Marius, power passed to Victorinus.
  • Victorinus was an able military man who had risen to high office under Postumus and may have been regarded as his successor.
  • By the middle of 269, Spain had refused to recognize Victorinus and a force sent by Claudius II, the legitimate emperor, seized control of the Gallic territory east of the Rhone.
  • This encouraged the Aedui of central Gaul to revolt against Victorinus. The revolt was suppressed in the autumn of 270, when Victorinus re-captured the city of Autun after a seven-month siege.
  • Victorinus's persistent seduction of other men's wives led him to be killed early in 271.
  • He was succeeded by Tetricus.

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