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Roman Empire

Ruler: Quietus
Reigned: 260 - 261 AD
Denomination: AR (Billon) Antoninianus
Mint: Uncertain Syrian mint Antioch?
Date of Issue: 260-1 AD
Obverse: Radiate, draped and cuirassed bust right."IMP. C. FVL. QVIETVS P.F. AVG"
Reverse: Sol standing left, right hand raised, holding globe in left hand. "SOL INVICTO"[1]
Reference: RSC 12c, RCVM 10829, RIC 10
Weight: 4.6 gms
Diameter: 23.4 mm
Comment: [1] = Sol (the sun-god), unconquered

QUIETUS (Fulvius Junius Quietus)

  • Macrianus the Elder, father of Quietus and Macrianus, was Emperor 's quartermaster general to Valerian I during the latter's eastern wars.
  • After Valerian's capture by Shapur I of Persia in 260, Macrianus and another officer called Callistus, nicknamed "Ballista", organized what was left of the Roman army and struck back at the Persians.
  • Sailing down the coast of Cilicia, they disembarked and attacked the Persians, capturing the Persian army's baggage train and King Shapur's harem.
  • The delighted army decided to elevate the two generals to the throne, but instead, Macrianus and Ballista had Macrianus' two sons, Macrianus the Younger and Quietus made co-emperors.
  • In the Spring of 261, Macrianus the Elder and Macrianus the Younger led a large Roman army to depose Gallienus, Valerian's son and rightful heir, but were defeated in battle near Pannonia, and killed by Aureolus, general of Gallienus.
  • Quietus ruled in the East until he was attacked by Odenathus, King of Palmyra, when he fled to the city of Emesa in Syria.
  • The citizens of Emesa murdered Quietus and surrendered to the Roman troops under Odenathus in 261 after a short siege.

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