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Roman Empire

Ruler: Mariniana, wife of Valerian I, mother of Gallienus
Reigned: (Valerian) 253 - 260 AD
Denomination: AR Antoninianus
Mint: Rome*
Date of Issue: 253-254 AD
Obverse: Veiled and draped bust of Mariniana, right, on crescent. "DIVAE MARINIANA"
Reverse: Peacock flying right, bearing on its back the seated figure of Mariniana, left, her right hand raised, holding sceptre in her left. "CONSECRATIO"
Reference: RIC Vi 6, RSC 16, RCVM 10070
Weight: 2.5 gms
Diameter: 21 mm
Comment: *It is possible, due to the stylistic differences, that this coin was minted at a provincial mint, maybe Viminacium.


Mariniana is presumed to have been the wife of Valerian and mother of Gallienus, although the evidence is purely numismatic. Evidence of the year of issue of her coinage comes from the provincial bronzes minted at Viminacium, marked as being minted in the 15th year of that city's colonial era (253-4 AD). The scarcity of her coins indicate that they were all produced around this time and as all her issues are postumous, it is assumed that she died before her husband became emperor.

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