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Roman Empire

Ruler: Herennius Etruscus Caesar under Trajan Decius
Reigned: Caesar 250-251 AD: Augustus 251 AD
Denomination: AR Antoninianus
Mint: Rome
Date of Issue: 250-251 AD
Obverse: Radiate and draped bust right. "Q. HER. ETR. MES. DECIVS NOB. C."[1]
Reverse: Sprinkler, Simpulum, Jug, patera and lituus (emblems of the priestly colleges). "PIETAS AVGVSTORVM"
Reference: RCVM 9521, RIC 143, RSC 14
Weight: 5.3 gms
Diameter: 21.2 mm
Comment: [1] = "QVINTVS HERRENNIVS ETRVSCVS MESSIVS DECIVS NOBILIS CAESAR" = Quintus Herennius Etruscus Messius Decius, high born Caesar

HERENNIUS ETRUSCUS (Quintus Herennius Etruscus Messius Decius)

  • Herennius Etruscus was the elder son of Trajan Decius and was given the rank of Caesar by him in 250 AD. He was created Augustus in the following year.
  • In June 251, at Abrittus, on the Lower Danube, the Goths led Decius and his army into a trap and Decius was killed along with Etruscus.

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