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Roman Empire

Ruler: Manlia Scantilla, wife of Didius Julianus
Reigned: (Didius Julianus)28th March - 1st June 193 AD
Denomination: Orichalcum Sestertius
Mint: Rome
Date of Issue: May - June 193 AD
Obverse: Draped bust right. "MANLIA SCANTILLA AVG."
Reverse: Juno standing left, patera in right, long scepter vertical in left, peacock at feet left. " IVNO REGINA S. C."
Reference: RIC IV 18a, Cohen 6, BMCRE V 32, RCVM 6083
Weight: 17.2 gms
Diameter: 28.5 mm

MANLIA SCANTILLA, wife of Didius Julianus

Manlia Scantilla was the wife of Didius Julianus. Her name indicates that she was born into the gens Manlia, which if correct, indicates an illustrious patrician ancestry; however, she may have been descended from a freed slave belonging to a member of that gens. Manlia Scantilla married the general Didius Julianus before his succession.

Around 153, she bore Julianus a daughter and only child Didia Clara, who was known for her beauty. Apparently Scantilla was extremely ugly, due to an unknown deformity. Her husband became emperor on 28 March 193.

On that day, Scantilla and her daughter, were awarded the title of Augusta by a decree of the Roman Senate. Scantilla enjoyed her title and status for less than three months. Her husband was killed on 1 June 193 after a reign of only 9 weeks.

The new emperor Septimius Severus, removed her status and title as Augusta, but gave Manlia Scantilla and her daughter the former emperor's body for burial. The two women buried Julianus in a tomb alongside his great-grandfather, outside of Rome. Manlia Scantilla died within a month later.

The fate of her only child Didia Clara is unknown.

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