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Roman Empire

Ruler: Augustus
Reigned: 16th Jan. 27 BC - 19th Aug. 14 AD
Denomination: AE Quadrans
Date of Issue: 5 BC
Reverse: "GALVS MESSALLA A.A.A.F.F." around "SC"
Reference: RCVM 1700, RIC 459 (wrongly described)
Weight: 2.6 gms
Diameter: 15.5 mm
Comment: Augustus minted gold and silver, but left the copper coinage to the Senate (23-4 BC).
III VIR = Triumvir
AAAFF = aere argento auro flando feriundo (Caster and striker of copper, silver and gold)
"SC" = "SENATVS CONSVLTO" = By decree of the Senate

The Quadrans

The Quadrans or quarter-As finished production in 86 BC until it's re-appearance in 9 BC under the Augustan reforms. Issues were struck jointly in the names of three moneyers in 9-8 BC and four in 5-4 BC although they still styled themselves "triumvir". The issues of 5 BC are complicated, showing many of combinations of the four names on obverse and reverse.

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