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Rome - The Republic

Moneyer: C. Minucius Augurinus
Held Office: 135 BC
Denomination: AR Denarius
Mint: Rome
Obverse: Helmeted head of Roma right; X below chin, ROMA behind.
Reverse: Ionic column surmounted by statue; at base, two stalks of grain; on left, L. Minucius Augurinus standing right, holding patera and with foot on modius; on right, M. Minucius Faesus standing left, holding lituus; "C•A-VG" across upper fields.
Reference: RRC 242/1; RSC Minucia 3; RCVM 119
Weight: 3.7 gms
Diameter: 18.3 mm

C. Minucius Augurinus

The moneyer, C. Minucius Augurinus is presumably the brother of Ti. Minucius C.f. Augurinus who issued a similar coin (RRC 243)

The column on the reverse represents the bronze Columna Minucia outside the Porta Trigemina in the Servian Wall.

The full reverse inscription is "Spiral column with Aeolic capital, decorated with two bells at the top and two lions' foreparts at the base; standing on column, togate statue holding staff in right hand; behind each lion, corn-ear; on left, togate figure left holding loaves (?) in both hands and placing left foot on modius; on right, togate figure holding lituus in right hand. See Crawford for the possible significance of the monument.

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