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England c. 1722

Description: Mudie's National Medals. English Army in the Netherlands, 1815. Dies by A.J. Depaulis and La Fitte. Struck 1820.
Obverse: Bull standing right before British standard, before the cityscape of Brussels. In Exergue: "MDCCCXV/ J MUDIE .D." Left field: "DEPAULIS .F."
Reverse: River god of the Scheldt reclining on urn before Viking ship. In exergue: "THE ENGLISH ARMY UPON THE SCHELD/ MUDIE D"
Statistics: Bronze 41mm, 37.6gm, axis 12H
Reference: BHM 867; Eimer 1066; Mudie 33.
Comment: 1815 was the date of the battle of Waterloo.


Mudies Medal Set

An Historical and Critical Account of a Grand Series of National Medals.

Published under the direction of James Mudie Esq. London 1820

The Dedication To His Most Excellent MajestyGeorge the Fourth


Under your Majesty's auspicious Governement the British arms achieved a succession of Victories over the most powerful enemy with whom the country ever contended. These victories terminated in his surrender and downfall. A series, ofMedals, important in design and execution, transmitting the record of such momentous and glorious successes to Posterity, wanted only the gracious sanction of your Majesty's encouragement and protection, to give them their due value in the estimation of the British People. This honor, conferred upon the only private individual who has ventured upon so important and national an undertaking, your Majesty has graciously and spontaneously been pleased to afford.

Duly sensible of his gracious condescension, I beg leave to offer to your Majesty the grateful homage of Your Majesty's Dutiful and devoted Subject.

JAMES MUDIE London, August 15, 1820.

The medals were commissioned by James Mudie as a private venture. Sets of medals being available by subscription. Medals in bronze were 10s 6d. each, or Twenty Guineas for the series including an elegant case, arranged for the library or cabinet.

In silver, one guinea each, or forty Guineas the series.

In gold, Fifteen Guineas each, or Six Hundred Guineas the series.

Single medals could be purchased.

Medals could be obtained from specified agents in London, York, Newcastle, Salisbury, Edinburgh, Bath, Hull, Leeds, Oxford, Wakefield, Liverpool, Worcester, Dublin, Glasgow, Bristol, Manchester and Plymouth.

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