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Area/Ruler: Low Countries -Hainaut: William III Count of Hainaut, the Mad
Reigned: 1356-1389
Denomination: AR Grande Plaque or Double Gros
Mint: Valenciennes
Obverse: Intertwining cross design. Monogram in each quadrant "hA" (Hainaut), "hO" (Holland), "ZE" (Zealand), "FR" (Freisland). "GVILLEMVS: COMES :hANORIE"
Reverse: Long Cross dividing legend, with lions and eagles in alternate angles. "MORETA ; VALENCENERIS"
Reference: Lucas 116
Weight: 2.7 gms
Diameter: 27 mm

William III Count of Hainaut 1359-89

William was the son of Margaret, Countess of Holland (1345-1349) and Louis IV Wittelsbach of Bavaria (1314-1347). He was thus William V of Holland (House of Beiers) as well as William III of Hainaut. He abdicated in 1389 due to madness.

Hainaut, Flemish Henegouwen province, southwestern Belgium. From 1299 Hainaut was linked with Holland under the house of Avesnes, the Wittelsbachs, the Burgundians, and finally the Habsburgs.

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