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Area/Ruler: Armenia: Levon I
Reigned: 1196 AD - 1219 AD
Denomination: AR "Coronation" Tram (=Drachm)
Obverse: King kneeling before Christ.
Reverse: Two lions back to back, cross between.
Weight: 3 gms
Diameter: 21.7 mm

Levon I

Levon I, called Levon the Great, was king of Armenia 1199-1219. He rallied the Armenians after their dispersion by the Seljuq Turks and consolidated the kingdom in Cilicia, southeastern Asia Minor. Through his friendly relations with the German emperors Frederick I Barbarossa and Henry VI, he was crowned by Pope Celestine III's legate, Cardinal Conrad von Wittelsbach, and allied Lesser Armenia to the West, despite overtures from the Byzantine emperor.

Levon (or Leo) was Levon II of the Principality of (Little) Armenia 1186 to 1198 or 9 and Levon I of the Kingdom of (Little) Armenia until May 1219.

Armenia comprised of southern Caucasia and northeastern Asia Minor.

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