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Area/Ruler: Spain - Castile & Leon: Henry (Enrique) IV
Reigned: 1454 - 1474 AD
Denomination: Billon Denaro
Obverse: Castle in a lozenge. "B" under. "ENRICVS DEI GRACI"
Reverse: Lion in square. "DS VIRCIT DS"
Weight: 1 gms
Diameter: 18 mm

Enrique IV

Henry IV (Henry the Impotent, or Liberal) (born 1425, Valladolid, Castile, died 1474, Madrid), king of Castile from 1454 to 1474.

Henry's weak father, John II, was entirely under the control of his constable, Álvaro de Luna, who gave the young Henry a separate court at Segovia, hoping to control him. Instead, Henry became the tool of other cliques, who eventually overthrew and executed Luna. In 1464 Henry reconquered Gibraltar from the Muslims, but his nobles fell into warring factions.

Henry IV's first marriage was childless and ended in divorce. He then married a Portuguese princess Joana, who bore a daughter, Juana (La Beltraneja). One faction recognized Henry's younger half brother Alfonso, deposing Henry in effigy in the "Farce of Avila." But Alfonso died, and Henry vacillated about the claim of his infant daughter. His rivals then recognized his half sister, Isabella (the future Isabella I), who without Henry's knowledge or consent married the heir to the throne of Aragon, Ferdinand (the future Ferdinand II); the two would one day rule a united Spain as Ferdinand and Isabella.

Although much that was published about Henry IV may be discounted as propaganda, he suffered from the quarrels of his favourites, Juan Pacheco, Marqués de Villena, and Beltran de la Cueva, and their inability to maintain order.

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