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Area/Ruler: Italy -Lucca: Conrad II
Reigned: King of Germany 1024 AD - 1039 AD
Denomination: AR Denier
Obverse: "H" in centre, incription around.
Reverse: Rosette? in centre, incription around?.
Weight: 0.8 gms
Diameter: 15.4 mm

Conrad II and Lucca


City in central Italy, capital of Lucca Province in Tuscany Region. Settled by Ligurians, and then a Roman town, it became a free commune in the 12th century; and its economy and culture flourished. From 1369 until Napoleon's occupation Lucca remained predominantly a republic. In 1847 it was joined to the grand duchy of Tuscany, and it then became part of the kingdom of Sardinia in 1860.

CONRAD II (c. 990-1039)

King of Germany (1024-1039) and Holy Roman emperor (1027-1039), a descendant of Emperor Otto I, the Great. Before his election as emperor, Conrad was Duke of Franconia. When Henry II, the last of the Saxon emperors, died in 1024, Conrad was chosen to succeed him as king of the Germans. Conrad was crowned Holy Roman emperor by the pope in 1027. Before his coronation he suppressed rebellions in northern Italy, and in 1026 he was crowned king of the Lombards. During his reign the boundaries of the empire were increased by his inheritance of the kingdom of Burgundy from its last ruler, Rudolf III. Conrad died while trying to suppress a second rebellion in northern Italy. His coronation was attended by Canute of England and his son Henry (who become Emperor as Henry III) married Canute's daughter, Gunnhild, resulting in Schelswig passing to Canute. Conrad's descendants, known as the Franconian, or Salian, dynasty, ruled the empire until 1125.

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