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Dynasty: Abbasids
Ruler: Al Qahir ("conqueror through Allah")
Reigned: AH 320-322 (932 - 934 AD)
Denomination: AV Dinar (3rd period)
Mint: Suq el Ahwaz (Ahwaz) (W. Iran)
Date of Issue: 322 AH 933/934 AD
Obverse: Outer margin: "Of Allah is the Command from before (man existed) and from after (man shall cease to exist), and on that day the believers shall rejoice in the victory of Allah." (Sura 30, verses 3 & 4) (Thought to refer to the victory of the Persians against the Byzantine emperor, Heraclius) Inner margin: "In the name of Allah this Dinar was minted in Suq el Ahwaz in the year 322" Obverse centre: "There is no God except Allah / (There is) no partner to him." (+ two more lines which may refer to the Caliph's son as heir)
Reverse: Reverse margin: "Mohammed is the messenger of Allah. He sent him with the guidance and religion of the truth in order that he might cause it to be brought over the (already existing) religion, all of it, although polytheists disliked (it)." Reverse centre: "To Allah/ Mohammed the messenger of Allah/ Al Qahir" (+ other titles?)
Reference: Album 250
Weight: 4.2 gms
Diameter: 23.5 mm


Al-Qahir was the Abbasid Caliph in Baghdad from 932 to 934.

On the death of the former Caliph, al-Muqtadir, the courtiers, who feared that his son might revenge his father's death upon them, chose instead the late Caliph's brother al-Qahir; but he was an even worse lord than al-Muqtadir. With an outward affectation of godliness, he went to every excess of cruelty and extortion. He even tortured the mother of al-Muqtadir and his sons and favorites, to squeeze from them the wealth built up throughout the late reign. Many fled from his grasp.

The Caliph had his nephew, who was to have followed him, walled up alive. Al-Qahir, thus relieved from immediate threat, broke out into such tyranny, evenly against friend and foe, as to make his rule unbearable. A fresh conspiracy was begun, and the Caliph, overcome at night by wine, was set upon in his palace.

Refusing to abdicate, his eyes were blinded, and he was cast into prison in 322 AH (934 CE). Eleven years later he was freed, and was sometimes seen in beggar's rags and wooden sandals;—sad contrast to his high-sounding name, al-Qahir bi’llahi, "Victorious by the will of God."

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