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Area: Moghul Empire
Ruler: Jahangir
Reigned: 1605-1628 AD (1014-1037 AH)
Denomination: AR Rupee
Mint: Lahore
Issued: Year 7, Month of Isfanarmuz (1612 AD)
Obverse: "Nur-Din Jahangir" and "Akbar" Persian Script
Reverse: AH regnal year. Persian Script
Reference: KM 145.11; PMC 1118-9
Weight: 11.2 gms
Diameter: 21.5 mm


Jahangir, son of Emperor Akbar, ruled the empire from 1605-1627. Opened first relations with the British East India Company. He was reportedly an alcoholic, and his wife Empress Noor Jahan became the real power behind the throne and competently ruled in his place.

In October 1627, his son Shah Jahan, succeeded to the throne.

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