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Area: Mughal Empire
Ruler: Nasir-al-din Muhammad Humayun
Reigned: 1530 - 1546
Denomination: AR Mitqal
Mint: Agra
Obverse: Kalima, with names of the four Companions around
Reverse: "Muhammad Humayan Ghazi"; mint in margin
Reference: Hull 1173
Weight: 4.8 gms
Diameter: 26.1 mm
Comment: Most of Humayan's coinage is either struck at Lahore or is without mintname; this rare silver mitqal was struck at Agra before that city was lost to him.


Babur's son Humayun succeeded him in 1530, but suffered reversals at the hands of the Pashtun Sher Shah Suri and lost most of the fledgling empire before it could grow beyond a minor regional state. Humayun crossed the rough terrain of the Makran with his wife until their son Akbar was born in the fortress of Umarkot in Sind. From 1540, Humayun became ruler in exile, reaching the court of the Safavid rule in 1554 while his force still controlled some fortresses and small regions. After the battle of Sirhind in which Sikandar Sur was defeated, Humayun was able to recapture his throne, but wasn't able to rule it for long, as in January, 1556, he died by slipping from the famous building known as Din Panah. However, the Mughals re-established their rule after Akbar's army defeated Hemu during the Second Battle of Panipat. Akbar succeeded his father on 14 February 1556.

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