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Ruler: India - Bengal
Reigned: Nusrat
Reigned: 1518 - 1532
Denomination: AR Tanka
Reference: MI 2779, Rg 519
Weight: 10.5 gms
Diameter: 26.8 mm

The Independent Sultanate of Bengal - Nusrat

Far from Delhi, Bengal was ruled by governors appointed by the Sultans of Delhi from 1203 to 1338. The period of Delhi supremacy ended with the revolt of Fakhr-ud-Din Mubarak Shah in 1338.

The tyrannical rule of the last Abyssinian sultan of Bengal was ended by his minister hussain shah who ruled as alauddin hussain shah (1493-1519) and founded the hussain-shahi dynasty. He was followed by nasib shah who ruled as nasir-ud-din nusrat shah (1519 - assassinated in 1533). He was followed by his son ala-ud-din firuz shah II (1533). Within a year, he was killed by his uncle Ghiyas-ud-din Mahmud.

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