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Area: Khushano-Sassanian
Ruler: Peroz I
Reigned: 245-270 AD
Denomination: AE Pana
Obverse: King standing in head-dress
Reverse: Shiva with bull Nandi
Reference: MA 1275
Weight: 1.9 gms
Diameter: 15.5 mm


The Sassanians, shortly after their victory over the Parthians, extended their dominion into Bactria around 230 AD during the reign of Ardashir I, and then into Kushan territory (what is today Pakistan and northwestern India) during the reign of his son Shapur I (240-270 AD).

The declining Kushans lost the western part of their territory to them, and Bactria and Gandhara came under the rule of Sassanian nobles named Kushanshahs. Their decline also lead to the rise to power of an indigenous Indian dynasty, the Guptas, in the 4th century.

Around 325 AD, Shapur II was directly in charge of the southern part of the territory, while in the north the Kushanshahs maintained their rule until the rise of the Kidarites.

From 410 AD, Bactria and then Gandhara was invaded by the Hephthalites (who became known as the Indo-Hephthalites), thus replacing the Indo-Sassanians temporarily.

Peroz I

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