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Area: India -Western Satraps
Ruler: Viradaman
Reigned: 234-239 A.D.
Denomination: AR Drachm
Obverse: Bust right.
Reverse: Brahamic script around "3 peaks".
Weight: 2.1 gms
Diameter: 13.9 mm
Comment: Also known as Shakas (originally Scythians?) Script on reverse goes something like: "King, great-satrap, master (name of father),King, great-satrap, master, Viradaman"


In the north west of India, there ruled two dynasties of Satrapas (Sakas or Scythians) with considerable independence under Pahlava (Parthian) suzerains. These are commonly referred to as Western Satraps due to their reign in the western region of India and Malwa. The shorter lived of the two dynasties was the family Kshaharata of which only the rulers Abhiraka, Bhumaka and Nahapana are known, and only through their coinage. Nahapan was probably the last ruler of the Kshaharata dynasty. His territory included Gujarat to Ujjain and Nasik. But soon, he lost his territory to Satavahanas due to the conflict with the kingdoms of the northern Deccan and the Ganges valley.

In 130 AD, Rudradaman I, son of Jayadaman established a line of ten rulers of the Castana family. With the declining Kushan power, he strengthened his reign and took the title Mahakshatrapa, but soon had trouble from the Satavahanas. The conflict was resolved by the giving of Rudradaman's daughter to the Satavahana king. However, that did not stop Rudradaman from waging a war against the Satavahanas, who he managed to defeat twice.

After the death of Rudradaman, little is known. Damajadasari was the son and successor of Rudradaman I. However it was Rudrasimha I, the brother of Rudradaman that ascended the throne instead of his son, Jivadaman. Rudrasena I, the son of Rudrasimha I was the next Satrap. He was followed by many insignificant satraps. Rudrasimha III, was killed by Chandragupta II (Vikramadhitya) while sacking the Saka capital in 388 AD, ushering in the Gupta period. The dynasty seems to have ended with the death of Visvasena, the son of Bhartridaman.

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