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Area: Indo-Greek, Bactria
Ruler: Eukratides
Reigned: 171-135 BC
Denomination: AE22
Obverse: Eukratides' helmeted bust right. "BAΣIΛEΩΣ" behind, "MEΓAΛOY" above, "EYKPATIΔY" below.
Reverse: The Dioskouroi on horseback prancing right, each holding a spear and palm. Karosthi legend above and beneath; monogram in field to left; "E" to right.
Reference: GCV 7582, Mitchiner 190k.
Weight: 2.7 gms
Diameter: 21.4 x 21.4 mm


In 170 BC, Eukratides I (177 - 135 BC) overthrew Demetrios II and Antimachus II in the name of Selucids and governed the Kingdom. Thus Bactria and a portion of Gandhara was lost to Eukratides I. Hence forward, there were two rival Greek Dynasties, the house of Eukratides and Euthydemos. The house of Eukratides included Heliokles, Antialkidas, and Hermaious. They mainly ruled in Gandara, Kabul and Kandahar. The house of Euthydemos had Appollodotos, Menander, Strato I, Zoilos and Hippostratos, ruling east Gandhara and the modern Panjab. In 145 BC, Eukratides I was murdered by his son Eukratides II (Heliokles).

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