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Roman Imitatives

Ruler(s)/ Period: Anon
Denomination: "Barbarous Radiate" (unofficial imitative)
Date of Issue: Late 3rd -early 4th Century AD
Obverse: Radiate head right. Inscription ???
Reverse: Eagle standing, looking left. "CONS .."
Weight: 2.1 & 2.7 gms
Diameter: 14.2 & 16.5 mm


These two coins are identical, except that they were made with different dies. The "III" is probably meant to be an "N" as this letter was often a bit dis-jointed, even on official coins, though not normally as much as this. This would probably make this coin an imitation of "CONSECRATIO" types.

Even though the coins are from different dies, the inscription that can be seen on both coins, on the reverse side, retain the same idiosyncratic and deliberate method of engraving.

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