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Area/Ruler: Macedon: "Interval" or Interregnum
Period: 286 BC - 277 BC
Denomination: AE 16mm
Obverse: Macedonian Shield, with Gorgon's head in centre.
Reverse: Macedonian helmet with crest and cheek - pieces. Caduceus lower right. Monogram? Lower left.
Reference: GCV 6781 variant
Weight: 3.1 gms
Diameter: 16.4 mm

MACEDONIA - the "Interval"

Macedonia is a region in the south-central part of the Balkan Peninsula, in southeastern Europe.

Demetrios Poliorketes, 294-288 B.C. (son of Antigonos the One-eyed, Demetrios Poliorketes (the 'Besieger') was a romantic character who pursued a colourful career spanning more than three decades. In his earlier years he assisted his father, whose power was centred in Asia Minor, and in 306 he achieved a great naval victory over Ptolemy of Egypt in the battle of Salamis, off the coast of Cyprus. After many vicissitudes he seized the Macedonian throne in 294, and although he reigned for only six years the dynasty which he founded lasted until the end of the Macedonian Kingdom. He died as a captive in Syria in 283 B.C.

Following Demetrios' overthrow by Lysimachos and Pyrrhos, Macedon underwent a decade during which no ruler was able to control the country for any length of time, known as the 'Interval' or Interregnum and lasted 288-277 B.C. Most of the bronze coins issued in this period were anonymous, though a few have the name of Pyrrhos in monogrammatic form. Lysimachos also struck some tetradrachms of his usual type at the Amphipolis mint.

Antigonos Gonatas was the son of Demetrios Poliorketes, and claimed his father's throne after achieving a notable victory over the Gallic invaders in Thrace. The Macedonian kingdom prospered again under his long and enlightened rule, 277-239 B.C.

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