Last Coin

Area: Arabia Felix: Himyarites
Period: Late 1st century BC - Early 1st century AD
Denomination: AR denarius?
Obverse: Beardless male head left, hair bound with fillet and hanging in ringlets; on left, ribbon-like sign; on right, symbol resembling standard; above, pellet within crescent.
Reverse: Bucranium ( skull of an ox), with antelope's horns and plumes; in left field, monogram; to right, ribbon-like sign of voided form; all within circular border composed of alternate pellets and double vertical lines, interrupted above by pellet within crescent.
Reference: GCV 5710
Weight: 2.6 gms
Diameter: 15.9 mm


The Himyarite confederacy, which dominated Yemen (on the south of the Arabian peninsular) from the 2nd century BC, was never brought under Roman control.

For about a century before the time of Augustus they produced coins imitating Athenian types. From the time of Augustus the design changed and later coins had a ruler's name on them.

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