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Area: Thrace: Istros
Period: 400-350 BC
Denomination: AR Stater
Obverse: Two young male heads, facing, side by side, one upright, the other inverted.
Reverse: Sea-eagle standing left, on a dolphin left, which it attacks with it's beak. "ΙΣΤΡΙΗ" above eagle.
Reference: GCV 1669 (but no "A" under eagle)
Weight: 6.8 gms
Diameter: 17.9 mm
Comment: The curious obverse type has variously been interpreted as representing the Dioscouri, the rising and setting sun, and the supposed two branches of the Danube River (or Ister). (Sear)


Istros was situated in Lower Moesia, not far from the mouth of the Danube (Ister), and at a little distance from the coast. (near the border of modern Romania and Ukraine) It was a colony of Miletus. It's large output of silver coinage in the 1st half of the 4th century, B.C., suggests it was a place of commercial importance.

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