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Area: Ancient Greece: Southern Thrace, Abdera
Period: 360-347 BC
Denomination: AE10
Obverse: Winged Griffin seated left, right foreleg raised
Reverse: "ΕΓΠ ΔΙΟΝϒΣΑΔΟΣ" around quadripartite linear square, with pellet in each quarter..
Reference: GCV 1559, BMC 3.85
Weight: 1.1 gms
Diameter: 11 mm


Abdera, Southern Thrace

Northern Aegean coast, nearly opposite to the island of Thasos.

Abdera was a town of southern Thrace, near the mouth of the Neatus, which flowed through the town. According to mythology, it was founded by Hercules in honour of his favourite, Aberderus; but according to history, it was colonised by Timesius of Clazomenae in about 656 B.C. Timesius was expelled by the Thracians, and the town was colonised a second time by the inhabitants of Teos in Ionia, who settled there after their own town had been taken by the Persians in 544 B.C. Abdera was a flourishing town when Xerxes stopped there before invading Greece, and continued to be a place of importance under the Romans, who made it a free city. It was the birthplace of Democritus, Protagoras, Anaxarchus, and other distinguished men; but its inhabitants notwithstanding were accounted stupid, and an "Abderite" was a term of reproach.

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