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Area: Italy: Bruttium, Terina
Period: 350 BC - 300 BC
Denomination: AR Plated Tetrobol (ancient forgery)
Obverse: Head of the nymph Terina right, [TEPI]NAIΩN to right
Reverse: Nike seated left on plinth, dove alighting on her extended right hand.
Reference: HN Italy* 2641
Weight: 1.4 gms
Diameter: 15.9 mm
Comment: *N.K. Rutter, ed., Historia Numorum, Italy. London 2001


Terina, a few miles south of Temesa on the Gulf of Hipponium (west coast of the 'toe' of Italy), was a colony of Croton. Its coinage commenced about 480 B.C., before which time it was doubtless dependent upon its metropolis. It afterwards passed successively under the dominion of the Lucanians (365 B.C.) and the Bruttians (356 B.C.) who held it, except for a brief interval when Alexander of Epirus released it from their yoke (circ. 325 B.C.), down to 272 B.C. The town was burnt by Hannibal in 203 B.C.

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