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Area: Ancient Greece -Archaic period: Ionia-Miletus
Period: Late 6th Cent. B.C.
Denomination: AR twelfth of a Stater
Obverse: Forepart of a lion,jaws open.
Reverse: Star ornament within incuse square.
Reference: GVC 3532
Weight: 1 gm
Diameter: 9.3 mm


Miletus, on the west coast of Asia Minor (part of modern Turkey), was the most prosperous of the 12 cities of the Ionian confederacy. It was situated near the mouth of the Maender (Menderes) River and had four fine harbours. Miletus was well known for the production of fine textiles, especially woollen cloth. It's fleets sailed all over the Mediterranean Sea and even reached the Atlantic Ocean. It established several colonies to the north, primarily on the Hellespont (Dardanelles), the Propontis (Sea of Marmara), and the Euxine (Black) Sea.

Miletus was repeatedly attacked by neighbouring Lydia but managed to withstand these attacks until it was subjugated by King Croesus in the early 6th century BC. After the conquest of Lydia by Cyrus the Great, Miletus fell under the Persian domination. From 499 to 494 BC Miletus led the revolt of the Ionians against Persian rule but defeated was razed by Darius I. It was rebuilt in the Hellenistic and Roman periods, but never regained its former power.

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