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Dynasty: Yorkists
Ruler: Edward IV, 2nd Reign 1471-1483
Reigned: 1st Reign 1461-1470, 2nd Reign 1471-1483.
Denomination: AR Penny: Contemporary Forgery
Mint/Moneyer: Archbishop Lawrence Booth of York (if official)
Mint: York
Date of Issue: after 1471
Obverse: Facing crowned bust.'B' at neck
Reverse: Cross, pellets between.
Reference: North 1652/3
Weight: 0.5 gms
Diameter: 14.6 mm

Contemporary Forgeries in England

These coins were unofficial copies and were often made to look like well worn currency as their intention was to pass as legal currency. They were frequently made on the Continent. English silver coins were highly regarded and so copies were profitable. They needed to contain less silver than official coins to make a profit. The penny above is around half the weight of an official penny.

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