Cnut-------------------Edward the Confessor

England: The Saxon Period

c. 600 to 1066 A.D.

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Harold I, 'Harefoot' : 1037 - 1040

Harold I ruled England as regent for his younger half-brother, Harthacanute, King of Denmark from 1035, but in 1037 claimed the Crown in his own right. This caused a breach with the queen dowager, Emma, who went into exile in Flanders.

He married Elgiva and they had one son. He died at Oxford, 17th March 1040 and buried possibly Westminster Abbey; disinterred by his successor.

Harthacanute (or Hardicanute) 1040 - 1042

Harthacanute was born circa 1018. His parents were King Canute and Emma of Normandy. He ascended the Throne of Denmark 12th November 1035 and became King of England in June 1040.

Harthacanute's reign was brief but violent. He arrived with a large fleet to claim the Crown on the death of Harold Harefoot, whose body he had thrown into a marsh. Excessive taxes made him unpopular. He burned Worcester after the murder of royal tax-collectors.

He died at Lambeth, London, 8th June 1042 and was buried in Winchester Cathedral.

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