Alfred ------------------ Aethelstan

England: The Saxon Period

c. 600 to 1066 A.D.

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Edward 'the Elder': 31st May/8th June 920 - 17th July 924

Edward was born c. 871, to Alfred and Ethelswitha. He ascended the throne of Wessex c. 26th October 899. His coronation was at Kingston-upon-Thames, 31st May/8th June 920.

Edward inherited his father's authority over most of England. He captured the Danish 'Five Boroughs' (in present-day East Midlands and Lincolnshire) and built more forts in Mercia, which he inherited on the death of his sister Ethelflaed in 918.

Thus England became united under one king. Edward's son Aethelstan is regarded as the first king of all England. Edward died at Farndon-on-Dee, 17th July 924 and was buried at Winchester Cathedral.

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