Eadgar-------------------Aethelred II

England: The Saxon Period

c. 600 to 1066 A.D.

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(Saint) Edward II, 'the Martyr': 8th July 975 - 18th March 978

Edward was born c. 963, to King Edgar and Ethelfleda. He ascended the throne 8th July 975. His coronation was at Kingston-upon-Thames, 975.

Edward was the eldest son of King Edgar but was not his father's acknowledged heir. On Edgar's death, the leadership of England was contested, with some supporting Edward's claim to be king and others supporting his much younger half-brother Aethelred the Unready. Edward was chosen as king and was crowned by his main clerical supporters, the archbishops Dunstan and Oswald of Worcester.

The great nobles of the kingdom, ealdormen Aelfhere and Aethelwine, quarrelled, and civil war almost broke out. The nobles took advantage of Edward's weakness to dispossess the Benedictine reformed monasteries of lands and other properties that King Edgar had granted to them.

On a visit to Corfe Castle (Dorset) Edward was ambushed and murdered, 18th March 978. He was buried at Wareham and later moved to Shaftsbury Abbey.

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