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Dynasty: Kings of all England
Ruler: Edward the Confessor
Reigned: 1042 - 1066
Denomination: AR Helmet type of Penny
Mint/Moneyer: Lincoln/Othgrim
Date of Issue: 1053-1056
Obverse: Bust right, bearded, wearing pointed helmet and holding in right hand a sceptre. "EDPERD RE(X)"
Reverse: Short cross voided with each limb terminating in three crescents, in centre an annulet. "ODGRIM ON LINCOL"
Reference: Spink 1179, North 825
Weight: 1.2 gms
Diameter: 20.2 mm


EDWARD the CONFESSOR (c. 1002-1066), King of England (8th June 1042 to 5th January 1066), was the son of King Ethelred II (the Unready). During most of the rule of the Danish kings of England who followed Canute II, Edward lived at the court of the dukes of Normandy as a monk. In 1041,after the failure of the Danish line, Hardecanute invited Edward to England, and the following year Edward succeeded to the English throne, largely because of the support of Godwin, Earl of Wessex. Edward married Godwin's daughter Edith but soon gave his favour to the enemies of Godwin, who was harassed and for a brief time exiled. Perhaps because of Godwin's popularity in England, a reconciliation was effected around 1052. Godwin's son Harold, later Harold II of England, became one of Edward's advisers, and another son, Tostig, became his favourite. In 1055, Edward made Tostig Earl of Northumbria, but the latter's rule was so oppressive that a rebellion broke out in 1065, and Edward was forced to exile him. Thereafter, Edward's health failed, and he was unable to attend the consecration of Westminster Abbey, which he had founded. He was succeeded by Harold II, the last Saxon king of England. Because of Edward's nomination of William of Normany as his heir, William invaded England in 1066 to depose Harold. Less than a century after his death, Edward was canonized.

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