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Dynasty: Danelaw
Ruler: Imitation of Aethelstan, King of England
Reigned: 924 - 939
Denomination: AR Penny
Obverse: Local imitation of Circumscription cross/Horizontal-Trefoil 1 (HT 1) type (BMC ii). "++ ÆDFTIΛEhIИE" around small cross pattéee.
Reverse: LCVT/VEEMD" in two lines; three crosses between; trefoils above and below.
Reference: unlisted: cf. North 668; cf. SCBC 1089.
Weight: 1.04 gms
Diameter: 22.1 mm

AETHELSTAN; 17th July 924 - 27th October 939

Aethelstan was born c. 895 to Edward the Elder and Egwina. He ascended the throne 17th July 924 and was crowned at Kingston-upon-Thames 4th September 925. He is generally regarded as the first king of England

In 937 he defeated the Scots and the Danes at the Battle of Brunanburh. He was recognized as overlord in Cornwall, Scotland and Wales and can thus be regarded as the first king of England.

Like his grandfather, Alfred, Aethelstan was remembered as a law-giver and good ruler. He maintained extensive European connects through the marriages of his many sisters. He died 27th October 939 and was buried in Malmesbury Abbey.

Athelstan decreed that money should be coined only in a borough, that every borough should have at least one moneyer and that some of the most important boroughs should have more than one moneyer.

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