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Dynasty: Kings of Northumbria
Ruler: Aethelred II
Reigned: First Reign 841 - 844
Denomination: AE Sceat
Moneyer: Eanred
Obverse: +EDILRED REX+
Reverse: +EANRED+
Reference: Spink 868 Mack.Syll. 426, North 188
Weight: 1.5 gms
Diameter: 12.7 mm

AETHELRED II, King of Northumbria

ruled 841 - 849, with an interuption in 844 by Redwulf. The second Viking raid on Britain was at Lindisfarne in 793, followed by Jarrow in 794. Roger of Wendover in "Flowers of the Histories", writes:- "In 844... Ethelred, King of the Northumbrians, was expelled from the Kingdom and Redwulf succeeded to the Kingdom; and when hastily invested with the crown, he fought a battle with the Pagans (Vikings) at Elvet (Durham), he and Ealdorman Alfred fell with a large part of their subjects and then Ethelred ruled again." When the Danes arrived in East Anglia they took Northumbria in 867.

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