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Dynasty: China Northern Qi Dynasty (550-557 AD)
Ruler: Wen Hsuan Ti (Kao Yang)
Reigned: 550 AD - 557 AD
Denomination: Bronze constant equity 5-Shu
Obverse: "Chang Ping Wu Xhu" (The Constant and Regular Wu Zhu)
Reverse: Blank
Reference: S 242, Hartill 13.27
Weight: 3.8 gms
Diameter: 24.7 mm


The Northern Qi Dynasty was founded by Wen Hsuan Ti, the son of a general who helped overthrow the Northern Wei in 535 A.D. and the Eastern Wei in 550 A.D.. They existed alongside the Northern Zhou Dynasty, which was established under similar circumstances by a different general, until conquered by them in 577 A.D.

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