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Dynasty: China - Interregnum
Ruler: Wang Mang
Reigned: 7 AD - 23 AD
Denomination: Spade (1000 zhu)
Obverse: "Da Bu Heng Qian" (1000 Wu)
Reverse: Blank
Reference: S 145-147, Hartill 9.29
Weight: 14 gms
Length: 38 mm

The Xin (Hsin) Dynasty of Wang Mang, 9 AD - 23 AD

Under the Western Han Dynasty, a succession of weak and child emperors had caused the court to fall under the influence of corrupt officials and eunuchs. In 9 A.D., a member of one of the warring noble families, Wang Mang seized power and proclaimed the Xin (New) Dynasty.

Wang Mang began widespread reforms. He tried to reduce the power of the nobles in favour of the common people, earning him their enmity. Natural disasters struck and the people rose in revolt. Wang Mang was dethroned and killed by the Green Woodsmen rebels in 23 A.D.

The throne was restored by Liu Xiu, who moved his capital eastwards to Luoyang; henceforth the dynasty is known as the Eastern Han (25 - 250 A.D.).

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