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Ruler: Gepids: uncertain king
Reigned: 454 - 552 A.D.
Denomination: AR Quarter Siliqua
Mint: Sirmium
Obverse: Imitating a Ravenna mint Quarter Siliqua of Theoderic in the name of Anastasius I. Pearl-diademed, draped, and cuirassed bust right. "D ИɅИVSIɅTS P P ɅVC"
Reverse: Theoderic monogram; cross above. "(star) VIИVITɅ ROMɅ И"
Reference: Cf. Stefan 1-3 (for type); cf. COI, p. 43, Fig. 22 (same); cf. Demo 77 (same); MEC 1, -
Weight: 0.7 gms
Diameter: 15.7 mm


The Gepids were an East Germanic tribe. They were closely related to, or a subdivision of, the Goths.

They are first recorded in 6th-century historiography as having been allied with the Goths in the invasion of Dacia in c. 260. In the 4th century, they were incorporated into the Hunnic State. Under their leader Ardaric, the Gepids united with other Germanic tribes and defeated the Huns at the Battle of Nedao in 454. The Gepids then founded a kingdom centered on Sirmium, known as Gepidia, which was defeated by the Lombards a century later. Remnants of the Gepids were conquered by the Avars later in the 6th century, and both Gepids and Avars were eventually conquered and assimilated by the Slavs in the late 6th and during the 7th century.

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