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Ruler: Constantine VIII
Reigned: Sole reign 15th December 1025 11th November 1028
Denomination: AV Histamenon Nomisma ("full weight solidus")
Mint: Constantinople
Obverse: Bust of Christ facing, wearing nimbus cross (ornamented with two crescents in its upper quarters, pallium and colobium and raising right hand in benediction; in left hand book of Gospels; Triple border.
Reverse: Bust facing with long beard, wearig crown and loros, and holding labarum and akakia; triple border.
Reference: BCV 1815
Weight: 4.4 gms
Diameter: 25 mm

Constantine VIII

  • April 960 - 15th March 963; Constantine VIII ruled with his brother Basil II and their father Romanus II
  • 16th August 963 - 10th December 969; Constantine ruled with Basil II and Nicephorus II, Phocas
  • 11th December 969 - 10th January 976, Constantine ruled with Basil II and John I Tzimisces
  • When John Tzimisces died childless in 976, the throne went to the sons of Romanus II, the eighteen-year-old Basil and his 16 year old brother, Constantine.
  • Constantine VIII ruled with Basil II from 15th March 963 to 15th December 1025. Constantine led the life of a playboy, while his brother ruled.
  • With the death of his brother, Constantine continued his hedonistic lifestyle, while ordering executions and mutilations whenever he felt threatened.
  • In November 1028 he fell ill. He had no children, so a successor needed to be found. It was suggested that his sister, Zoe, marry a sexagenarian senator named Romanus Argyrus. He was already married, but Constantine decreed that he should divorce his wife or he would be blinded.
  • On 10th November Romanus married Zoe and on the 11th Constantine breathed his last, and on the 12th Romanus found himself emperor Romanus III.

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