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Ruler: Leo VI and Alexander
Reigned: Leo: 28th Aug 870 - 11th May 912 /Alexander: 28th Aug 870 - 6th June 913
Denomination: AE Follis
Mint: Constantinople
Obverse: Leo on left, Alexander on right,seated facing on double throne, each wearing crown and loros, and holding between them a labarum. "+LEOn S ALEXAnGROS"
Reverse: "+LEOn / S ALEXAn / GROS bASIL / ROMEOn" on four lines.
Reference: BCV 1730
Weight: 5.4 gms
Diameter: 24.5 mm


Alexander was the younger brother of Leo VI and was his co-ruler, although he hated Leo and was more interested in drinking and merry-making than governing an empire. On the death of Leo (11th May 912) , Alexander became emperor and proceeded to undo all his good work.

The Empress Zoe was ejected from the palace and her uncle, Himerius, loyal servant of the empire was thrown in prison where he died.

When a Bulgarian embassy, sent by Symeon to re-negotiate the treaty of 901, arrived in Constantinople, Alexander dismissed them, saying that he would pay no more tribute. Symeon prepared for war.

Nicholas was re-instated as Patriarch, and proceeded to wreak his revenge on Euthymius and the entire clerical hierarchy.

Alexander,while making sacrifices in the Hippodrome - in the hope of curing his impotence - suddenly collapsed. He died two days later on Sunday 6th June 913. Before dying he managed to nominate Zoe's son, Constantine, as his successor.

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